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Here is an excerpt from the  Club's latest newsletter.  For a full newsletter, including pictures,  and past editions, click here.

Wednesday, April 30 Fabulous Feast

A purchase will be made on Thursday, April 17.

Coming Events:

Board Meeting on April 16; next scheduled meeting May 21.

Thursday April 17 Report on the relevant business highlights of the Kiwanis District meeting of April 12.

Meeting of the Fabulous Feast planning committee at Woodworth Motors, Saturday, April 19, 9:00 a.m.

Challenge Unlimited walk a thon on May 3.

Rotary's Citizens Who Care honoring Kiwanian Tim Felter on May 8.

Saturday June 14 Bike Rodeo at Target in Methuen.

CLASS golf tournament on June 17.

Dave Louis had his number picked, perhaps for the first time, but the deck yielded only the three of spades to him.  Better fortune next time Dave; do not lose hope!



Mike Helman posed with Patricia Inirio of Esperanca Academy, Student of the Month, and then spoke about the academy from his point of view as a trustee for the last three years.  He said:

The Academy was created out of a need to address the economic despair in Lawrence by the combined efforts of Grace Episcopal Church of Lawrence and Christ Episcopal Church of Andover.

So in April 2006 forty-two students were enrolled in the new middle school in the Episcopal tradition for girls.  Students were selected on the basis of need, faith base and ability and willingness to attend for ten hours a day.

Now there are 84 students and seventy percent backing by private donors.

Our old friend Lori Boettiger was the first head and has been succeeded in her retirement by Chris Wilson, who has introduced an emphasis on sports, choir, better meals and an enhanced curriculum.  They are also aiming for accreditation by the AICE of New England.

The Academy follows closely the advancement of the girls not only through the academy but also beyond.  They now have a one hundred percent graduation rate on time, compared to a sixty percent in Lawrence as a whole, and eighty percent rate of students going on to further their education.

This footprint has been important because there remains a real financial challenge for the students beyond their years at the academy.

It was wonderful having Mike back with us again, if only for a visit on behalf of his beloved Esperanza Academy.




Participating in the Andover Fund for Education Spelling Bee, 2014, on behalf of the Club, which donated the entrance fee of $200, were captain Mary O'Donoghue, Kristen Hollenbeck, Charlie Breen and Glenn Rogers.

Alas they didn't qualify for the the finals having fallen, with others, to the word that can be defined as:

a white, crystalline, slightly water-soluble powder, C 7  H 5  NO 3  S, produced synthetically, which in dilute solution is 500 times as sweet as sugar


Joaw, Patricia and Patricia Inirio

"Patricia Inirio is an outstanding 8th grade student at Esperanza Academy . She is a consistent honor roll student, and with one trimester to go, she currently has a GPA of 4.0, the highest in her class. Her favorite sports are soccer, basketball, and softball, and she has played the violin since 5th grade. In addition to being an excellent student and leader among her peers, Patricia is also a deeply caring community member with a long history of service to her community. As an Esperanza Student Ambassador, she is an enthusiastic tour guide and public speaker. Patricia is also Vice President of Student Council, and she has spear-headed many student-led projects, including the annual Esperanza can-drive in which students collected over 1,000 cans to donate to the Bread and Roses soup kitchen. She is also a regular participant in such events as the Hike for Hope, the Boston Walk for Breast Cancer, and trash clean-up initiatives on Earth Day. She often helps her mother to gather supplies for donation to needy families in Guatemala . In her free time, Patricia really enjoys visiting her Grandmother in the Lawrence nursing home."

Ben Lynch  Director of Graduate Support 

Victor Martinez leads the Youth  Summit, version 2014.  Assembled with him are a host of eighth grade students under the guidance of CREST Collaborative and Kristen Hollenbach.

The subject of the plenary and individual sessions, which ran from 9:30 to noon, was "Leadership"

Brother Rene Roy is the Kiwanis arranger and adviser.

Mike DeLuca and Nathan Webster came to extol and speak about the values of what Kiwanis is and does.