Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to  saving the world one child one community at a time.

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Thursday, October 16

Citizenship award winner from the Presentation of Mary Academy.

Wednesday, October 15 Board Meeting.

Saturday, November 8, the annual cleaning and grooming of the George L. Street Memorial Bridge in honor of our deceased member and WWII hero.

Dave Louis drew the Ace of Clubs. Need we add more.  The level of the pot is grotesquely high -- too high to mention in public.

Ursula Maina, our Student of the Month


Ursula Maina is a kind, conscientious student at the Arlington Middle School. She has attended AMS for 8 years of her grammar school education. If you asked her what her favorite subject is, she says, “there are too many to choose from, I can’t decide.” She is a strong student leader. She has already earned a Student of the Month Award from her peers for the 2014-2015 school year.  Her goal is to attend Phillips Academy in the fall.  Her teachers unanimously support her in this endeavor.  She is described by her teachers as always ready to work, responsible, respectful of herself and others, and her work is of top quality.  She is a consistent contributor to classroom discussion and is respectful of her peers. She is someone who helps others when needed and she has many friends.  It is with great pleasure that we honor Urusula Maina with this award.

Glenn Rogers was the speaker of the day.  His address was aimed at having the Club become a significant contributor to the Eliminate Project over the next five years.

The Club can meet the challenge of helping eliminate maternal neonatal tetanus in babies and mothers throughout the world with a contribution.

To eliminate MNT from the Earth, more than 100,000,000 mothers and their future babies must be immunized.  One baby dies every nine minutes from tetanus.  $1.80 protects one waman and her future babies through immunization.

Donating $500 would save 275 lives or $500 on the average for each of our members over the five year period fifty times that number.

Individuals have the same opportunity.  Two individuals have already indicated their desire to donate $1,500 as special individual gifts, either one-time or over two years.  For that comes not only the satisfaction of saving lives and the suffering associated with the affliction but also a framed Centennial Award medallion and lapel pin.  Similar opportunities come with donations of lesser amounts.

Details from Kiwanis International.

The Club has already raised over $500 through the purchase of gift and debit cards through the Great Lakes Scrip offerings.  Click here to see how that works. Click here for a list of the vendors and others offering the cards in denominations and the percentage return to the Eliminated Project.