Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to  saving the world one child one community at a time.

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Here is an excerpt from the  Club's latest newsletter.  For a full newsletter, including pictures,  and past editions, click here.

Looking Forward... 

Thursday, October 30

Citizenship Award to Hannah Walworth of Presentation of Mary Academy, plus guests, and Leah Okimoto, Founder and Executive Director of Aaron's Presents.

Saturday, November 8, the annual cleaning and grooming of the George L. Street Memorial Bridge in honor of our deceased member and WWII hero.  Mike DeLuca is leading the effort.

Santa Night, December 12, 2014 Just 45 days away.

Guess Who She Is:

Present at the Thursday luncheons.  Always gracious and giving.  Is a student at Northern Essex.  Has three daughters, the eldest of whom is about to graduate from a charter school and could very well be accepted soon at a private high school.

There was no selling of tickets toward winning the raffle this week.  Come Thursday, buy big and win big!



Jeff Shank presented the case for acquiring sponsors and advertisers for the songbook used during Santa Night.  The songbooks are distributed to all for whom all the group of "carolers" serenades in the various bars and restaurants it visits.

The actual donations during the singing nets only about $3,000.  The majority of the  real money toward and exceeding the goal of $10,000.

He urged the membership to be active in pursuing the ads and sponsorships.  To that end he handed out offer sheets for use in the solicitation.  For those who did not get one, click here.

Glenn Rogers spoke briefly about the opportunities to support the Eliminate Project by using retail and gift cards offered through the Srip program the Club runs. 

He distributed an information flyer including the internet address and enrollment code that one needs to enroll and purchase cards.  The alternative is to have Glenn do that for you by your providing the cash or check to him up front.

The link to the site is


Julia Garcia, Associate Director of Community Based Programs, spoke on behalf of the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts

After lauding the Scouts, justifiably we believe, she concentrated on two special programs based on the belief that "a targeted curriculum, consistent access to caring adults and the implementation of the Girl Scout leadership mode.' can make a substantial difference in the lives of girls in communities that would be unable to support Scouts otherwise.

Both bring a set of self-esteem, finance and business, stem, and community based programs to the girls on a part-time basis in partnership with the schools.

It costs about $400 per girl to operate the programs, including part time tutors/providers, of which they need candidates still.  Much of the support is grant funded.

The Club donated $640 on Thursday to the Scouts as part of the summer enrichment initiative raised at the Fabulous Feast 2014.